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Common Pests : Ants

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More about ants  

Ants are social insects of the family Formicidae. 

There are three kinds of ants in a colony: The queen, the female workers, and males. The queen is the only ant that can lay eggs.

Ants leave an invisible chemical trail which contains pheromones for others to follow once they locate the food source.

Ant colonies can be long-lived. The queens can live for up to 30 years, and workers live from 1 to 3 years. Males, however, are more transitory, and survive only a few weeks. Ant queens are estimated to live 100 times longer than solitary insects of a similar size.


What are the risks involved?  

Ants can build a nest inside a home, potentially weakening and damaging wood. They also contaminate food by leaving waste.


Quick Facts

When the queen of the colony dies, the colony can only survive a few months. Queens are rarely replaced and the workers are not able to reproduce.


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