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pest control services malaysia 



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General Pest Control Contracts       



pest control services

Treatment by means of surface spraying with our insecticidal mixture to all accessible sensitive and high risk areas such as :

  • Sewerage System 
  • Toilet Holes 
  • Risers and Ducts 
  • Kitchen Cabinets 
  • Kitchen Wall 
  • Ceiling Junctions 
  • Floor Skirting 
  • Corridors 




pest control services malaysia


Prospects for entering into a building by rats will be identified. Poisoned baits and Glueboard Traps will be installed in strategic locations around the building. Dead rats will be collected from these places to avoid stench and the spread of germs. Areas where dead rats are found will be cleansed to prevent the spread of germs.

Our services will include any 'Call Back' during the period of the contract to remove dead rats if found.




pest control services malaysia


Area around the infected building will be sprayed with the residual mixture, identified at the following locations:

  • Cracks 
  • Crevices 
  • Wall Floor Angle 


 pest control services  pest control services


pest control services malaysia

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pest control services malaysia

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